The Seamripper Difference

Not into high-overhead agencies and traditional consultants that provide little to no value? Neither am I. That’s why I created a completely different approach to working with brands.

Agencies & Traditional Consultants Seamripper
Sold by senior staff, managed by junior staff You work directly with Amber, a C-level
marketing professional, throughout the project
Long-term engagements with constantly shifting deliverables Short-term engagements designed to address
specific challenges
Pitch latest trends and the “bells and whistles” Recommends only what you really need to achieve your business objectives
Builds a strategy designed so they can bill for high-margin execution Designs a strategy to meet your goals and
works with your preferred execution vendors
Don’t play nice in the sandbox Leads integrated teams of internal stakeholders,
external advisors and vendors to create value
Demoralizes internal teams by doing the “cool” part
of projects or taking over their jobs
Empowers internal teams by engaging them
in the entire process and respecting their creative contributions
Create more work for you to manage Can manage brand teams and agencies on your behalf